Open data pathway is a self-assessment tool that will help you assess how well your organisation publishes and consumes open data, and identify actions for improvement.

The tool uses a questionnaire based on the open data maturity model. The model is based around five themes and and five progress levels. Each theme represents a broad area of operations within an organisation. Each theme is then broken down into areas of activity.

Assess your organisation

During an assessment you will answer a series of questions for each of the activity areas in the maturity model. The answers you provide will allow the tool to score your progress for each activity.

You can assess the activities in any order. To answer questions you may need to speak to other people in your organisation. To enable this the application allows you to save your progress at any point in the assessment.

All of the questions are multiple choice and help text is provided. You can annotate your answers with notes and links that help provide evidence and support for how you have answered the questions. You can revise your answers at any time before finalising the assessment.

Set Goals

Once you have completed an assessment you will be presented with a report that shows your answers and your final scores. The report also includes a number of practical recommendations for how you can improve your scores for each activity.

After completing your first assessment you will be able to set targets for how your organisation plans to develop. After carrying out the recommended improvements you can reassess your organisation to track progress.

Track Progress

Monitor your progress and compare your maturity levels against other organisations. You can view and download aggregate statistics that show how other organisations are scoring against each activity. This will help you in benchmarking yourself against other organisations.

The scores for your assessment, all of your answers, and supporting notes will remain private. No information will be made publicly available without your consent.

Start now

This application has been developed by the Open Data Institute and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs as part of the open data maturity model project. The project received funding from the Release of Data Fund. With thanks to the Open Data User Group and Cabinet Office for their support.

The country level statistics feature was contributed by the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation with support from ODI Queensland.